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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Author Terry Crain of the faBgear Company Releases New E-Book on Beatles Copyrights

11:58 AM Posted by Nicole M


Terry Crain, author of the popular Beatles memorabilia book, NEMS and the Business of Selling Beatles Merchandise in the U.S. 1964-1966, has announced he will be releasing a new e-book May 1, 2024. Titled Copyrighting The Beatles: 1962-1966, it is a natural follow-up to Crain’s previous work.

"While researching my first book about Beatles U.S. memorabilia, I would run across copyright notations for the items to include in my manuscript,” says Crain. “But I kept noticing there were more and more Beatles and Beatles-related notations in the files that were about something other than memorabilia. They kept referencing other styles of items, which got me curious about what else was out there."

Crain, a retired administrator from John Logan College in Southern Illinois, spent over two years on research that has uncovered a fantastic array of items, including games, dolls, sculptures, novelty records, sheet music (in English, Spanish, and French), written articles (including Canadian articles), photographs, cartoons, drawings, paintings and other items – even a back scratcher!

The novelty record genre in particular is an interesting one. “You’d think Beatles novelty records from that time would naturally be in the rock and roll musical style,” Crain says, “And some were, but not all.” He has uncovered Beatles novelty records recorded in the style of American folk, British folk, foxtrot, jive, samba, bluegrass, doo-wop, country, big band, jazz, orchestral, spoken-word, polka, surf and ska!

In contrast with Crain’s first book, which was produced in a large coffee-table style format, the new book will be released with a dynamic e-book format option. "Because of the number of pages, the weight, shipping, and other aspects, I'm excited to offer this book digitally,” he explains. “I know some readers don't like this mode, but I'm excited to use this platform and everything it offers. Readers can download the book to their phone, personal device, handheld device, pad, desktop, or whatever device they use. The format is like a regular book; you can flip the page to read it. And one of the most exciting aspects is that pages will contain bonus content like videos and extra pop-up information to help enhance the reading experience."

Copyrighting the Beatles, featuring a foreword by Tom Frangione and an introduction by ChaChi Loprete, is available at: https://www.fabgear.company/copy-of-nems-memorabilia-book-2