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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Comprehensive Biography of Yoko Ono Out Now

10:08 PM Posted by Nicole M


In Your Mind: The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono by Madeline Bocaro
(cover image by Cat MacInnes)
558 pages

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In Your Mind: The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono is the true story of the extraordinary woman whom John Lennon loved.

This is the first extensive exploration of the artist's amazing life, struggles, art, activism, films and music in astounding detail. No other book encompasses Yoko’s entire life, which goes way beyond what most people know. It includes the love story of John and Yoko, and her relationship to the Beatles.

The insightful book illuminates Ono's spiritual nature and her wisdom. It is the ultimate exploration of Yoko's lonely childhood in Japan during wartime, her art, films, music and activism for peace and women's rights.

The misunderstanding and undeserved negativity that Ono has received throughout her life as an Asian woman and as the wife of one of the Beatles is explored. We can all learn from her positivity and effective healing methods.

Yoko’s life story spans thirty-three years before meeting John Lennon, twelve years with him, and over forty years of creativity since his death.

The author has followed Ono's career since the mid-1960s, assembling a vast media archive on the artist. Yoko's own voice, along with Lennon's and others (in cited, published interviews) tell her undeniably true story, and unravel many longstanding myths.

Yoko's incredible body of work expresses all the joys and suffering of an extraordinary lifetime. It is all examined in this complete biography.

The book is listed on Best Classic Bands Best Music Books of the Year 2022. It’s also on Mazzy’s Music Books Gift Guide 2022, and has received an Honorable Mention by Kit O’Toole on Something Else Reviews' Beatles Gift Guide.

See reviews, interviews and order information on the website: inyourmindbook.com