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Thursday, September 3, 2020

McCartney's "Waterfalls" by Lindsay & Isaac wsg Laurence Juber

12:42 PM Posted by Nicole M

South American Duo Lindsay & Isaac performs an historic collaboration with the extraordinary guitarist Laurence Juber (Wings) in McCartney's song "Waterfalls"

PRESS RELEASE - To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the seminal album McCartney II, the Brazilian Duo Lindsay & Isaac presents their "reimagined" version of the song "Waterfalls", in partnership with renowned guitarist Laurence Juber (Wings).

The partnership came about when the Duo invited Laurence for a collaboration to participate in the virtual edition of International Beatleweek, the greatest Beatles related festival, which takes place annually in Liverpool (UK). Both Duo and Laurence would be on this year’s lineup, which was canceled due to the pandemic.

"Possibly some of the most beautiful arrangements you will hear of Paul's music. We are delighted to welcome this duo back, featuring the amazing guitar playing of ex Wings member, Laurence Juber."  Cavern Club - International Beatleweek 2020

L&I: "Waterfalls" is one of our favorite songs, from a fascinating period in the history of Paul and Wings. The idea of inviting Laurence had to do with his connection with this historic moment (when the original recording was produced) and with the concept we were working on, inspired by a question that has always intrigued us: how "Waterfalls" would sound if it had been recorded by Wings, in a hypothetical follow-up to Back to the Egg (1979).

LJ: “I first heard 'Waterfalls' in 1979, although it was never on the agenda as a Wing’s track.
Had it been, I likely would have taken an approach to this similar to the 1978 “Rupert Demos”* demos, where I played a hollow body electric guitar (then a Gibson Super 400,
here an ES 275).”

About the new arrangement: “Isaac’s guitar filled the acoustic space nicely, and didn’t need to be sonically crowded. The electric provided a different musical voice, adding counterpoint to Lindsay’s fine vocal.”

* In early July 1978, Wings recorded demos of twelve pieces intended for the Rupert the Bear film soundtrack (unreleased to this day) at the Spirit of Ranachan Studios, Scotland.

About L&I and LJ:

Throughout its 20-year history, Lindsay & Isaac has developed a solid reputation in the international music scene. Besides songwriting and producing, the Duo has an extensive curriculum of projects related to the work of the Fab Four. Among the most acclaimed is a tribute to the Album Revolver with the collaboration of Klaus Voormann in 2016, which yielded a tour in the United Kingdom the following year. On this tour, as a trio lineup, Lindsay & Isaac were able to perform on stages such as the Cavern Club / Live Lounge and as the headliner at the launch of Pretty Green x The Beatles: SGT Peppers State of Mind Collection, in London.

Laurence Juber needs no introduction: considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time, as member of the last lineup of Paul McCartney's Wings, winner of two Grammy's, prolific solo artist and renowned studio musician (George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Al Stewart, Alan Parsons Project, Harry Styles), besides his work as producer and composer of soundtracks for musicals and games.

Release and video shared with permission.