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Monday, June 10, 2019

Octopus' Garden Review of "The Pepper Effect" Book

8:58 PM Posted by Nicole M
Adapted with permission from Octopus' Garden fanzine, Volume 28, Issue #4, May 2019. Review by Tom Aguiar.

The Pepper Effect by Sean Gaillard. Published by Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. U.S.

Sean Gaillard is a longtime educator and self-proclaimed Beatles fan who strongly believes that the creative and collaborative legacy of The Beatles does resonate in education. What better way is there to challenge the minds of our youth in the classroom than by using the creativity that the Beatles used in creating their masterpiece to inspire educators, and students, to create their own masterpieces.

Creativity is in all of us but tapping into it isn’t always easy. It’s not difficult once you get there, but getting there is a challenge. You have to learn to look at things differently from the accepted way that you are familiar with and that can be daunting. We tend to subscribe to the tried and proven much too often and that can, and often does, stifle creativity.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
is considered by many as the Beatles’ pinnacle. Up to that point, the band had followed the rules in creating and recording music. They stopped touring and decided to take the ideas that were in their heads and make them reality by forgetting what the normal accepted routine of the studio was. They had a vision. If they could think it, then they could create it. Pepper was a team effort by not only the four Beatles but by many others in the studio who were challenged to find a way to create what the Beatles were hearing in their minds. Everyone involved with Sgt. Pepper was motivated to make it happen and they were willing to take the necessary risks to bring that vision to fruition.

The Pepper Effect explores the four steps necessary, in Gaillard’s mind, for creating the conditions for motivation, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Believe in your vision. Believe in your masterpiece. Believe in your collaborators. Ignore the naysayers.

Inspiration and vision are keys to success. Educators are entrusted to open the minds of students and teach them to achieve all they can achieve but how can they do that if they are doing things the “accepted way”? What better way is there to inspire than to be inspired? 

Gaillard uses Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles as a template for inspiring educators and principals to become more positive, innovative, creative, and collaborative—and for encouraging students to do the same.

When Gaillard wrote The Pepper Effect, it was for the benefit of educators. The same principles also apply to getting the best out of people regardless of whatever field they are in. Success is always the goal
but to get there you need a vision and you need creativity to succeed. Leaders in every field will benefit, as will those who work for and with them, if they are inspired.

The Pepper Effect shows that creating your own masterpiece inspires others to do the same and it gives you a roadmap on how to take your vision and make it a reality. I give this title an A.