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Thursday, June 1, 2023

New Praise for "In Your Mind" Yoko Ono Bio

2:27 PM Posted by Nicole M

In Your Mind: The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono is the first extensive exploration of the artist's amazing life, struggles, art, activism, films and music in astounding detail. No other book tells Yoko’s entire story, which goes way beyond what most people know.

This is not only a biography - it is the ultimate reference guide to Ono’s work. It is an exploration of Yoko's lonely childhood in Japan during wartime, her art, films, music and work for peace and women's rights. 

The misunderstanding and undeserved negativity that Ono has received as an Asian woman and as the wife of one of the Beatles is explored. We can all learn from her positivity and effective healing methods. 

Yoko’s life spans thirty-three years before meeting John Lennon, twelve years with him, and over forty years of creativity since his death.

The author has followed Ono's career since the mid-1960s, has spent personal time with the artist and assembled a vast media archive on her work. Yoko's own voice, along with Lennon's and others (in cited, published interviews) tells her undeniably true story, unravelling many longstanding myths.

Yoko's incredible body of work expresses all the joys and suffering of an extraordinary lifetime. It is all examined in this complete biography. The insightful, highly acclaimed book illuminates Ono's spiritual nature and her wisdom.

Includes the love story of John and Yoko, and her relationship to the Beatles. It's the true story of the woman John Lennon loved.


Signed Hard Cover Books only available at:

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

John Lennon Series Author Jude Southerland Kessler Releases Dynamic New Audiobook

9:32 PM Posted by Nicole M


World-renowned Lennon historian Jude Southerland Kessler, author of The John Lennon Series historical narrative, has just released her first ever audiobook – or rather, audiodrama – version of “She Loves You,” Volume 3 in her acclaimed book series. It is available for purchase through Audible here and all major platforms.

The audiobook took months to prepare. In addition to the source material written by Kessler, it is narrated by professional voice actor Scott R. McKinley and features original music by British Invasion-inspired band The Black Ties as well as background music and cover art by Rande Kessler. “She Loves You” takes the listener "into the eye of the hurricane" that was Beatlemania – from John Lennon's trip to the Spanish Rivera with Brian Epstein in the spring of 1963 to taking America by storm on three Ed Sullivan shows and the first concerts in America. Readers get to join the band as their fame not only explodes, but begins to take its toll.

Annotated with authoritative sources and heavily documented with end notes, the audiobook edition also boasts two new chapters (chronicling the events of The John Lennon Series Volume 1, Shoulda Been There, and Volume 2, Shivering Inside), a chapter featuring the author telling intimate stories of her interviews with Allan Williams, Bob Wooler, Charlie Lennon, Louise Harrison and more, plus personalized notes read by the author herself.

"This a time machine,” says Kessler. “Nothing less. The audiobook of She Loves You will transport you back to 1963...and for 33 fab hours, you will be living with John and Cynthia Lennon, The Beatles, the powers-that-be at NEMS, and the crazed fans experiencing the outbreak of Beatlemania. For Beatles fans, this is a chance to relive it all. For those who missed The Beatles, hang on! This is one wild ride!"

Voice actor Scott McKinley studied and captured the voices of 183 people for the book, including all four Beatles, Brian Epstein, Neil Aspinall, Tony Barrow, Ed Sullivan, Murray the K, Cynthia Lennon, George Martin, Bobby Goldsboro, Trini Lopez and many more.

For this book in particular I listened to every interview that every participant gave as close to 1963 as I could find, on YouTube or from my own collections of recordings,” says McKinley. “I got to not only narrate a book about John Lennon and The Beatles during their breakthrough year of 1963-4, but I had a chance to voice-act all of the participants. Jude's style includes enough authentic dialogue to really breathe life into the narrative.”

As for ‘60s authenticity in the music, Kessler selected songs by New York metro-based band The Black Ties after hearing them perform at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Jersey City. “They have the perfect ‘Beatles’ sound for the project!” she says. And the background music was supplied by Rande Kessler, Jude’s husband and an accomplished musician and artist.


Jude Southerland Kessler is the leading expert on the life of John Lennon and her expanded biographies on Lennon take readers chronologically through his life. With a personal library of over 500 Beatles-related books and multi-media resources, Kessler undertook seven trips to Liverpool, England to interview Lennon’s childhood friends, early band members, art college mates, and business associates before embarking on writing her book series. To learn more, visit www.johnlennonseries.com.
To learn more about Scott McKinley, visit www.mckinleyco.com and listen to an exclusive excerpt from the “She Loves You” audiobook here.

To learn more about The Black Ties, visit www.blacktiesband.com and listen to two of their original songs here.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

New "For No One" Cover by Duo Lindsay & Isaac

12:49 PM Posted by Nicole M


South American duo Lindsay & Isaac release a reimagining of "For No One" on streaming platforms + new video

PRESS RELEASE - In 2020, at the invitation of the Cavern Club, Brazilian musical duo Lindsay & Isaac recorded two video performances for the virtual edition of International Beatleweek, Liverpool: "Waterfalls" (McCartney) with Laurence Juber (Wings), and "For No One " (The Beatles). The material, initially available on the Cavern Club Facebook page and on Lindsay & Isaac's YouTube channel, was acclaimed by the festival and fans. As the recording of "Waterfalls" with Laurence Juber attracted the spotlight at the time, "For No One" ended up taking a bit of a backseat. However, the latter gained popularity on social media over time, which was the impetus for distributing the audio version on streaming services.

The minimalist arrangement of "For No One" was inspired by the version they performed at UK shows in 2017, and which became one of the audience's favorite songs at that time. Watch the video here: 

"Possibly some of the most beautiful arrangements you will hear of Paul McCartney's music." - Cavern Club, International Beatleweek 2020

About Lindsay & Isaac:
Throughout their over 20-year history, Lindsay & Isaac has developed a solid reputation in the international music scene. Besides songwriting and producing, the duo has an extensive curriculum of projects related to the work of the Fab Four. Among the most acclaimed is a tribute to the album Revolver with the collaboration of Klaus Voormann in 2016, which yielded a tour in the United Kingdom the following year. On this tour, as a trio lineup, Lindsay & Isaac were able to perform on stages such as the Cavern Club / Live Lounge and as the headliner at the launch of Pretty Green x The Beatles: SGT Peppers State of Mind Collection, in London.

Follow them at:

@lindsayandisaac - Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

www.lindsayandisaac.com - Official Website

Release, video and info shared with permission.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Author Terry Crain of the faBgear Company Releases New E-Book on Beatles Copyrights

11:58 AM Posted by Nicole M


Terry Crain, author of the popular Beatles memorabilia book, NEMS and the Business of Selling Beatles Merchandise in the U.S. 1964-1966, has announced he will be releasing a new e-book May 1, 2024. Titled Copyrighting The Beatles: 1962-1966, it is a natural follow-up to Crain’s previous work.

"While researching my first book about Beatles U.S. memorabilia, I would run across copyright notations for the items to include in my manuscript,” says Crain. “But I kept noticing there were more and more Beatles and Beatles-related notations in the files that were about something other than memorabilia. They kept referencing other styles of items, which got me curious about what else was out there."

Crain, a retired administrator from John Logan College in Southern Illinois, spent over two years on research that has uncovered a fantastic array of items, including games, dolls, sculptures, novelty records, sheet music (in English, Spanish, and French), written articles (including Canadian articles), photographs, cartoons, drawings, paintings and other items – even a back scratcher!

The novelty record genre in particular is an interesting one. “You’d think Beatles novelty records from that time would naturally be in the rock and roll musical style,” Crain says, “And some were, but not all.” He has uncovered Beatles novelty records recorded in the style of American folk, British folk, foxtrot, jive, samba, bluegrass, doo-wop, country, big band, jazz, orchestral, spoken-word, polka, surf and ska!

In contrast with Crain’s first book, which was produced in a large coffee-table style format, the new book will be released with a dynamic e-book format option. "Because of the number of pages, the weight, shipping, and other aspects, I'm excited to offer this book digitally,” he explains. “I know some readers don't like this mode, but I'm excited to use this platform and everything it offers. Readers can download the book to their phone, personal device, handheld device, pad, desktop, or whatever device they use. The format is like a regular book; you can flip the page to read it. And one of the most exciting aspects is that pages will contain bonus content like videos and extra pop-up information to help enhance the reading experience."

Copyrighting the Beatles, featuring a foreword by Tom Frangione and an introduction by ChaChi Loprete, is available at: https://www.fabgear.company/copy-of-nems-memorabilia-book-2