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Monday, August 8, 2022

Kenneth Womack + Wonderwall Launch “Everything Fab Four” Online Store, Featuring Official “MalWear” Brand

5:31 PM Posted by Nicole M


World-renowned Beatles scholar and author Kenneth Womack, PhD, co-owner of media company Wonderwall Communications, has launched a new online store based around his “Everything Fab Four” brand and featuring the only officially licensed Mal Evans merchandise available, affectionately called “MalWear.”

Evans, the Beatles’ road manager and confidant most recently widely seen as a central figure in Peter Jackson’s Get Back docuseries, has for decades left Beatles fans and music historians alike longing for a glimpse into his life and times. In conjunction with the Evans family and HarperCollins’ Dey Street Books, Womack is set to release an authorized biography of Mal in 2023, followed by a fully illustrated offering from the family’s archives in 2024. And with Get Back having sparked renewed interest in this trusted member of the Beatles’ inner circle, the demand for Mal-related merchandise began to grow.

Fortunately, the treasure trove of Evans’ vast, never before seen archive including hundreds of drawings and photographs afforded Womack with the means and inspiration to launch “MalWear.” As he says, “Over the years, Mal’s legend has only grown among Beatles aficionados. Though he started off as their roadie in August of 1963, he truly became their most intimate companion, with a birds-eye view of Beatlemania as it raged across the world. I’m proud to present these items on behalf of his family with the integrity they deserve.”

The new collection includes T-shirts, buttons, moleskin notebooks, paperweights and more, with additional items coming soon. The online store is also an extension of Womack’s long-established “Everything Fab Four” brand, which in addition to his web presence is the title of the Beatles-themed podcast he hosts for Salon, co-produced by Wonderwall. EF4 items also include coffee mugs, phone cases, coasters and more. Shop now at: http://store.everythingfabfour.com/ 

Dr. Kenneth Womack is Professor of English and Popular Music at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. He is the author or editor of more than 40 books, including a multivolume study devoted to the life and work of Beatles producer George Martin. His bestselling book, Solid State: The Story of Abbey Road and the End of the Beatles, was released in October 2019 and has received praise from The L.A. Times and Publishers Weekly amongst others. His latest book, John Lennon, 1980: The Last Days in the Life, was published in September 2020 to rave reviews. The Music Culture writer for Salon and the host of the web magazine’s aforementioned “Everything Fab Four” podcast, Womack has also written for Slate, Billboard, Variety, NBC News, Smithsonian Magazine, Time, and USA Today