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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Beatlefan Review of 'Days in the Life'

3:35 PM Posted by Nicole M
Review by John Firehammer and originally published in Beatlefan magazine. Adapted with permission.

Days In The Life by Aaron Krerowicz & John Krerowicz. AK Books, Carmel, IN.

Professional Beatles scholar Aaron Krerowicz has published a book as unique as his job title.

"Days in the Life" focuses on the unusual topic of a son (Aaron) and father (John) criss-crossing the country on a Beatles lecture tour. Aaron, an academic and music expert who has published three previous books about the Beatles, does the talking. John, a retired newspaper reporter, does the driving.

There's much discussion of the Beatles, of course, but also, oddly, baseball and birding. More so than a book about the Beatles' history and music, this is a story about a father and son, and how the band's music binds them.

John is a first-generation fan, who witnessed the Beatles on the "Ed Sullivan Show" as a young boy. Aaron, meanwhile, is a child of the 1990s, born years after John Lennon's death. Both men write different sections of the book, recounting their views on the Beatles and the events of the lecture tour. 

There are fun passages in which older fans, who where 'there," challenge Aaron's authority to lecture them about the band, but soon find out they know less than he. Meanwhile, John presents nice memories of what it was like experiencing the Beatles in real time during the 1960s. He recounts buying The Beatles' Second Album while on a trip to the store with his mother, and eagerly peeling the cellophane off the LP's cover while still in the car, impatient to get home and put it on the record player.

The pair's writing is fun and engaging, but this is a very specialized book - likely not of much interest to someone with only a casual interest in the Beatles. Yet it serves as a nice memento for those attending Aaron's lecture events and should be enjoyable to anyone who, like this father and son, has experienced the magical multi-generational appeal of the Beatles.